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Our Citie's Finest

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Outstanding Citizens


Fallen Officers
Officer Waldron George Karp / Tustin Police - January 7, 1973

Military Casualties
World War I

World War II

Charles O. Alstot - PFC / Died of wounds recieved in action at Luzon
Edward R. Bristow - Second Lieutenant /Died of wounds - France
John Ray Bruns - PFC / Killed in action in Belgium Dec. 31, 1944
Edward R. Burrier - PFC / Killed in Europe while serving in Patton's army.
Guadalupe (Lupe) Castaneda - Seaman First Class / Nov. 13, 1942
Ernest R. Costello - Aviation Radioman Second Class /Lost plane /Formosa
Arthur E. Dishman - PFC/ Died of wounds - German sniper.
Marvin E. Gray - Staff Sargent /Gunner/ mid air collision / Philippines
Paul Carroll Kimball Jr. - Second Lieutenant / P-38 pilot / Over Italy
Charles E Muller - First Lieutenant /bombardier /European theatre Oct. 22, 1944
Ralph Peter Plumb - Ensign / Tustin's 1st loss / Battle of Coral Sea
Theodore Taulbee - Coxswain / Pacific theater
Darrel C. Wollert - Ensign / South Pacific in Sept., 1943
Donald E. Ynigues - Seaman First Class / USS John Penn Oct. 14, 1943

Korean Conflict
Luther D. Yapp

Lawrence J. Churchill - Marine Lance Corporal
Allen Jacques DuRoy - PFC

Metal of Honor
Nelson M. Holderman - For Distinguished Gallantry /
Captain in the "Lost Battalion" of Argonne Forest France
Oct 2-8, 1918 / Died 1952
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The Tustin War Memorial is located on the southwest corner
of Prospect and East 1st Street, in Tustin. See map.

The American Legion, Tustin Post 227